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We Exist Inside the Stories of Our Minds

Intelligence is a toolbox we use to reach a given goal, but strictly speaking it doesn’t entail motives and goals by itself. The motivation of our AI’s will stem from the existing building blocks of our society.

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Attentional Switching Comes With a High Cost

I’ve learned over the years that holding tightly to one’s own beliefs around best practices, tools, and disciplines has been a fundamental source of failure in business. While it feels easier to simply argue against those with whom we don’t agree, it actually exhausts time limited resources required to be objective.

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Theory prepares you. Experience grounds you.

Working with patients who suffered traumatic brain injuries would prove to be one of the most important experiences early in my career. While I had many influences in the industry, Dr. Oliver Sacks provided perspective and insights that drove my curiosity to dig deeper into the human condition.