Finding Inspiration Through Culture

In 2018 I started another podcast; which I’ve since retired. I wanted to discuss solving problems, rather than simply fixing issues.

One of the first episodes I launched was a discussion with Amazon UK best selling author Gethin Nadin and his book “A World of Good – Lessons from Around the World in Improving Employee Experience.”

Gethin’s research looked at a variety of cultural practices that could inspire change for the betterment of employee happiness and well-being.

‘In a time where all of what we hear is doom and gloom, this book holds up a brilliant light in the darkness!’ I think that was a wonderful quote for somebody to send me and that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve in creating the book.

Gethin Nadin 52:25 of podcast

With so many looking for inspiration and new ideas to improve employee experience, this discussion focuses on the good in the world, from a global perspective.