WTF Jeff? How I Put Failure Into Context

young baseball player sliding head first into second base

If failing became normalized perhaps we could help future generations not be afraid to try while simultaneously creating a culture of learning and growth.

That’s exactly what Can Adiguzel and Jens Heitland were thinking about when they created the Entrepreneurial F**k Up Night.

To be honest, I struggled with this short talk and it wasn’t for a lack of experience. In fact, as I noted at the start of the talk, “I guarantee I’m going to be the champion by the time this gets all done.”

Yet, If it weren’t for all of the failed attempts I wouldn’t have had a tenth of the successes in my career. A career that has allowed me to work around the world in every sector, in multiple industries and with countless professionals.

WTF Jeff? How I Put Failure Into Context.

  • 5 stories of failure
  • 1 “captain obvious” moment
  • 2 psychological theories
  • 1 really bad short poem
  • 5 takeaways for everyone